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We hope you find this edition of Essentia Health Laboratory’s Test Catalog informative and useful. The Test Catalog is a testament to the hard-working and dedicated laboratory professionals who labor behind the scenes every day to provide over 5 million test results per year to our valued Essentia customers, the health care providers and the patients we serve. Our patients deserve a standard of timely, high quality, value driven laboratory results across Essentia as reflected in our lab mission statement. Our vision is to be recognized as the high quality laboratory service provider of choice across all regions.


As a system, Essentia Health Laboratories are accredited and have an expansive testing menu. We take great pride in providing high quality laboratory services in a timely manner. For testing not offered through our laboratories, we have partnered with a network of approved reference laboratories, each of which has been evaluated and determined to be fully accredited and capable of delivering high quality, timely, and cost-effective results. We are especially pleased to partner with Mayo Medical Laboratories as our primary reference laboratory. Mayo Medical Laboratories has proven to us time and again that they are a referral source of exceptional quality and customer service.


Testing can and will change with technological advancements and market forces. We are committed to changing with meaningful progress in areas where improvements in patient care can be made. We invite you to join in this endeavor by maintaining a dialogue with us and letting us know how we can do better. Together we can and will make a healthy difference in people's lives.




Respectfully yours,






Maria K Beaver, M.D.

  Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology  Physician Chair, Essentia Health