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Test Code LAB2605 D-Dimer, Plasma

Additional Codes

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Turbidimetric Immunoassay

Specimen Requirements

Frozen specimens must be thawed at 37°C.


Specimen Type: Platelet-poor plasma


Preferred: Full Light-blue top (3.2% sodium citrate)

Acceptable: Full Sodium citrate (BD® or Greiner tubes)

Specimen Volume: 1 mL

Specimen Minimum Volume: 0.3 mL

Collection Instructions:

1. Unacceptable specimens: Specimens that are short-draws, over-draws, clotted or hemolyzed may yield incorrect results.

2. If sending from a site spin down, remove top 2/3 of plasma, and spin plasma again in a polyproyplene (cloudy plastic) vial.

3. Aliquot top 3/4 and place platelet-poor plasma in a polypropylene (cloudy plastic) vial.

4. Glass vials are not acceptable for processing/transport/storage.

Additional Information:

1. Double-centrifuged specimens are critical for accurate results as platelet contamination may cause spurious results.

2. Send specimen ambient. If there is a delay in transport of >8 hours, send specimen frozen.  

Specimen Transport Temperature

Ambient 8 hours/Frozen 1 month at -20°C/Refrigerate NO

Day(s) Test Set Up

Monday through Sunday

Reference Values

Normal: <0.27 - 0.49 µg/mL Fibrinogen Equivalent Units (FEU)*

*The negative predictive cutoff for aid in exclusion of VTE/DVT is <0.5 µg/mL (FEU)


Test Classification and CPT Coding


Performing Laboratory

Coagulation -

Central Region: St. Joseph's Medical Center Lab

East Region: Deer River Hospital Lab, Northern Pines Lab, Sandstone Hospital Lab, SMDC Clinical Lab, St. Mary's Hospital - Superior Lab, Virginia Hospital Lab

West Region: Ada Hospital Lab, Fargo Hospital Lab, Fosston Hospital Lab, Holy Trinity Hospital Lab, St. Mary's - Detroit Lakes Hospital Lab